Resveratrol (20% trans-resveratrol)

The most promising longevity discovery of the decade

In scientific studies resveratrol has been shown to activate a family of enzymes called Sirtuins (SIRT-1), which are encoded by “longevity genes.” These “guardian enzymes” protect and repair cells and enhance cellular survival. Emerging research reveals an ever-increasing array of potential resveratrol benefits to support vital metabolic functions required for long life. Resveratrol provides antioxidant, inflammatory-balancing, cardioprotective, and neuroprotective functions.*

A natural component found in grapes. Resveratrol’s responsibility is mainly to protect the fruit against fungus, but over the years, research has indicated that it has a number of beneficial effects in humans. Resveratrol comes from the root and stems of the Japanese knotweed and is found in red wine — and is thought to be the reason red wine is so beneficial to the heart. New studies add to the mounting evidence that resveratrol’s abilities may reach beyond protecting the heart.*

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