Promote health and function of your prostate gland with ProstaCol®

A strong offense is the best defense and that is particularly true for prostate health. Solid evidence and select ingredients make ProstaCol the best choice for men over the age of 50.

Clinically researched:

Beta-sitosterol and saw palmetto have been used in research studies for male urinary and prostate health. The result: they were shown to be efficacious and well-tolerated.

What the research reports:

Clinical research indicates the nutrients in ProstaCol promote and maintain urinary health. Specifically, they:

  • Promote healthy flow
  • Help maintain normal frequency

ProstaCol also supports bladder tone and promotes overall prostate health.

Expertly formulated:

When using herbs or botanicals to support human health, identifying the precise form, or part, of the plant is critical for optimal effectiveness. This is where the science team and quality control technicians at Vitamin Research Products® rise above.

For example, ProstaCol incorporates the standardized extract of beta sitosterol, the fruit extract of saw palmetto, the root extract of stinging nettle and the bark extract of Pygeum africanum. These precise plant forms are the forms used in clinical research with the best results.

Because Vitamin Research Products manufactures according to Good Manufacturing Practices and has their own Quality Control laboratory, they are able to ensure the accurate form is used.

Beta-sitosterol is also known for its ability to maintain healthy cholesterol levels; just another benefit.

This power-packed blend of performance nutrients effectively promotes prostate and urinary health*. ProstaCol from Vitamin Research Products is delivered in Vegetarian capsules.



Each Bottle Contains 90 Vegetarian Capsules:

Phytosterol complex 115mg

Saw Palmetto 107mg

Stinging Nettle 107mg

Pygeum Bark 33mg

Lycopene 5mg

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