Edward Bach’s system of Diagnosis & Therapy
Edward Bach’s system of Diagnosis & Therapy
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A 'forgotten hero'
A ground-breaking study of Edward Bach as a man before his time, a 'forgotten hero' in medicine and psychology. After years of practice and research in Cuba, Professor Boris Rodríguez demonstrates how Dr Bach's diagnostic and therapeutic system shares and enriches the language used in contemporary psychological assessment.

"One need not be a follower of either Dr Bach's or Professor Boris Rodríguez's approach to therapy to appreciate the clinical sensitivity and depth of insight which they bring to the study of personality psychopathology. This should be a useful reference work for both open-minded clinicians and early students in training."
Theodore Millon, Professor Emeritus, Harvard Medical School

Boris C. Rodríguez has degrees in psychology and medical psychology. He pioneered the official introduction of flower therapy to the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba (1997-1999) and participated in devising numerous courses leading to qualifications at the island’s many medical science institutes and faculties.

Author: Boris Rodruiguez

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