Silica 200mg
Silica 200mg
Brand: Lamberts®
Product Code: LB8544

Price: £11.95


Lamberts® Silica is one of the strongest available in the UK. Lamberts silica is derived from bamboo gum as it contains over 90% organic silica, which is more than 10 times the level found in the widely used horsetail plant, where the level is as low as 5-7%.
Whilst silica is only found in trace amounts in the human body, it is present in almost every tissue. It is especially concentrated in the hair, nails and connective tissues such as the skin.
Whilst there is no RDA for silica, most nutritionists agree that a daily intake from our diet is important. Good dietary sources of silica include grains such as oats, barley and rice, although refining processes can strip much of this mineral away.

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