Po-Ho Oil
Po-Ho Oil
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Essential oils have become extremely popular and are used in many different ways. The key feature of essential oils is that they evaporate at room temperature; this is the reason they smell so pleasant. Apart from imparting a nice relaxing aroma, essential oils form the basis of aromatherapy as a healthcare discipline.

Alfred Vogel first wrote about Po-Ho essential oil in March 1929 in his first magazine, Das Neue Leben (A Fresh Start). The name comes from Po-Ho, the (Mandarin) Chinese for peppermint. Po-Ho essential oil for inhalation is made from the highest quality essential oils. It contains a mixture of the essential oils of peppermint, eucalyptus, juniper, caraway and fennel. Peppermint and eucalyptus have been used traditionally to help maintain clear, cool breathing, particularly during the cold and flu seasons. Po-Ho Oil can also be directly applied onto the skin.

Suggested Use: For inhalation, can be done in a number of ways:
  • Put a few drops of Po-Ho oil onto a handkerchief or bunched-up tissue, hold it to your nose and inhale. You can also put the essential oil soaked handkerchief into your pillowcase or next to your pillow, to help you sleep better.
  • If you need to inhale an extra boost of essential oils, put a few drops of Po-Ho into a steaming-hot bowl of water, lean over, cover your head and bowl with a small towel, and inhale. Do this carefully as the oils can initially feel quite strong to your eyes when you inhale.
  • Po-Ho essential oil can also be rubbed onto the front of your upper chest – your body heat will release a constant supply of essential oils for you to inhale.

To help soothe muscle aches:
  • Gently massage the affected area with a few drops of Po-Ho oil.
  • Take extra care if you are using Po-Ho on parts of your face, just under the eyes, as the high quality essential oils can make your eyes sting and water.
  • You may use Po-Ho on your temples or sides of your head or scalp, but do not use on the skin immediately surrounding your eyes.
Caution: This product is not recommended for children, when pregnant or those suffering from epilepsy. Individuals taking any prescription medications or who are under medical supervision should consult a doctor before using any product. Do not use as eye drops, nose drops or as a nasal spray. Avoid contact with the eyes and sensitive skin or other sensitive areas of the body. Wash your hands thoroughly after touching the oil. Do not use Po-Ho if you are allergic to any of the essential oils. Always read the label.

100g of product typically contains: Peppermint Essential Oil 50g, Eucalyptus Essential Oil 30g, Juniper Essential Oil 14g, Caraway Essential Oil 4g, Fennel Essential Oil 2g.

Plants used for A. Vogel products are cultivated according to the strict guidelines of BIO-SUISSE, i.e. without synthetic fertiliser, insecticides, herbicides or pesticides.
All A. Vogel (Bioforce) remedies are produced according to stringent GMP Guidelines (Good Manufacturing Practice) of the European and Swiss Medical Authorities.
Most of the herbs used to produce A.Vogel fresh herb tinctures and tablets are grown using a strict organic protocol in and around Switzerland.
No product testing on animals.

Store in a cool, dry place.
Keep out of reach & sight of children.

All information is for reference purposes only. Statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or health condition.

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