Don’t fall for the “wheat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free” Con Job
If you’re suffering from digestive problems, bloating, and discomfort from foods you eat, then you’ve probably heard the wise councel of the medicine “experts”: But that means highly constrictive diets—and no fun when you eat at home or go out to restaurants, family gatherings, or parties. What if you want to cheat once in a while? What if you’re avoiding these foods, yet still not getting better—or if you’re suffering from unexplained digestive troubles, foo..
Is your calcium supplement killing you?
                      Algae Sourced Calcium with Bone-Building Ratios! - by Patrick Bailey The May 23rd issue of Science News cites 5 different calcium research studies that clearly show the parallel between increased calcium supplementation and the dramatic rise in female heart attacks. The biological pathways of calcium metabolism have been known since the early 80s. And ye..
Surprising Reasons for Those Unwanted Pounds
by Kimberly Pryor Summer is a logical time to focus on weight loss. The start of the swimsuit or swimshorts season causes many to cringe in fear. Even so, the temptation to give into those carb cravings can sometimes be overwhelming. Even when we resist temptation and stay faithful to our diets, sometimes the extra pounds refuse to go away. This can be especially frustrating, since being overweight is far more serious than a cosmetic issue. Obesity is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes..