A “Spicy” Solution For Sensitive Lungs

A “spicy” solution for sensitive lungs

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There’s no way to overstate the importance of clear, healthy lungs: Breathing is so essential to your body’s survival that even the most minor complication—whether it’s a nagging cough or a temporary wheeze—can put a serious damper on your quality of life for anywhere from minutes to weeks.And yet, ...

Cruciferous Vegetable Intake Related To Breast Cancer Risk

Cruciferous vegetable intake related to breast cancer risk

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A study published in August 2012 reports that high intake of cruciferous vegetables lowers the risk of breast cancer. Currently, it is estimated that one out of every eight women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with breast cancer, and breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in Americ...

October Offer

October offer

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Get A Better Night's Sleep

Get a better night's sleep

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Fall Asleep Easily and Stay Asleep All Night If you have difficulty sleeping, you may find yourself dreading bedtime. You either toss and turn, struggling to fall asleep or you’re jolted awake in the middle of the night...and then up for good. But poor sleep quality isn’t just an inconvenie...

Lectin Lock: Natural Defense Against A Hidden Cause Of Digestive

Lectin lock: natural defense against a hidden cause of digestive

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If you have issues digesting gluten, simply avoiding certain foods may not be enough to help. Gluten is only one member of a family of proteins, called lectins, which lurk in many foods beyond the grains we associate with gluten. Our one-of-a-kind Lectin Lock formula features targeted nutrients that...

5 Biggest Mistakes Men Make With Prostate Health

5 biggest mistakes men make with prostate health

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The prostate gland isn’t something a lot of men pay much attention to—until it starts to cause problems, or, even scarier, becomes cancerous. And if you’re a male who’s edging up there in years—or you have a father, brother or husband who’s getting older—chances are good the prostate will ...

What You Should Know About Supplement Expiration Dates

What you should know about supplement expiration dates

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If you find yourself staring at a supplement’s expiration date that has comeand gone, it might be tempting to throw it away. However, only a fewcircumstances warrant its disposal.Printed on a consumable’s packaging, expiration dates may or may not be an important indicator for evaluating consumption...

7 Proven Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

7 proven health benefits of dark chocolate

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Dark chocolate is loaded with nutrients that can positively affect your health.Made from the seed of the cocoa tree, it is one of the best sources of antioxidants on the planet.Studies show that dark chocolate (not the sugary crap) can improve health and lower the risk of heart disease.1. ...

The Ibd-malnutrition Connection

The ibd-malnutrition connection

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An estimated 1.6 million people in the U.S. suffer from inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), a category of conditions characterized by chronic inflammation in the digestive tract.The two most common IBDs are ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Crohn’s can affect any part of the gastrointestinal tra...

Boost Your Immune System With Epicor®

Boost your immune system with epicor®

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What is EpiCor?EpiCor is a fermented form of a species of yeast called Saccharaomyces cerevisiae, which is the main source of nutritional yeast and yeast extract. Also known as Dried Yeast Fermentate and Brewer’s Yeast, this microscopic unicellular fungi is often used in commercial food products and...

Oregano And Thyme Shows Promise Against Colon Cancer

Oregano and thyme shows promise against colon cancer

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The American Cancer Society estimates that 93,000 new cases of colon cancer and almost 40,000 new cases of rectal cancer will be diagnosed in 2015. Colon cancer affects the large intestine (colon), while rectal cancer occurs in the last few inches of the colon. Together, they’re referred to as color...

Adding Probiotics To H. Pylori Treatment Improves Outcome

Adding probiotics to h. pylori treatment improves outcome

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If you’ve ever dealt with the dull, burning pain of a stomach ulcer, then you’re intimately familiar with Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori). This strain of bacteria is known to cause ulcers and, in rare cases, stomach cancer.Until the discovery of H. pylori in the early 1980s, doct...

New Elevaete Energy

New elevaete energy

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Common Chemicals Linked To Countless Health Problems

Common chemicals linked to countless health problems

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When you open a can of tomato sauce or black beans to make dinner, or warm up a bottle for your child, the last thing you think is that you could be harming your family’s health. But that potential harm is very real, thanks to the slew of manmade chemicals floating all over our planet—right down to ...

Three Surprising Ways Diet Sodas Harm Your Health

Three surprising ways diet sodas harm your health

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Millions of Americans rely on artificial sweeteners to minimize their sugar intake. And really, who can blame them? Sugar has absolutely no nutritional value and can be downright dangerous. In fact, the over-consumption of sugar can be blamed for countless health conditions ranging from diabetes and...

Yes, You Do Need A Multivitamin

Yes, you do need a multivitamin

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Believe it or not, the multivitamin debate continues. Every few months or so, some study shows that multivitamins (or supplements in general for that matter) are not necessary.Those on the anti-multi side of the table argue that you simply don’t need them. First, they claim that eating a well-rounde...

Coq10—protection Beyond The Heart

Coq10—protection beyond the heart

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Over the past decade or so, coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) has become the antioxidant darling of naturopathic physicians and cardiologists, and even many mainstream doctors—and with good reason. This nutrient is an essential component in your body’s energy production.The majority of the CoQ10 in your body res...

The Many Benefits Of Oregano Oil

The many benefits of oregano oil

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There is a reason oregano oil is being called a miracle herb.  Some studies suggest that oregano oil is helpful for treating depression, balancing hormones, and even controlling pain.  While these reasons alone would make oregano oil extremely beneficial, studies have shown it to be especi...

Discover The Pain Of Vitamin D Deficiency

Discover the pain of vitamin d deficiency

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One little known, but extremely common symptom of Vitamin D deficiency is Pain. From bone pain to muscle pain to back pain, any and all unexplained pain COULD have vitamin D deficiency as its cause. Unfortunately, most doctors do not recognize common pain issues as being from vitamin D def...

Mexican Wild Yam: Can It Help Your Menopause?

Mexican wild yam: can it help your menopause?

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Artificial hormone therapies abound now as the mainstream form of assistance during the menopause. In times of intense physical and emotional change, why not turn to natural support? Chemical intervention may be of use during health emergencies operations and when that is the only option.So isn’t it...

New Predictors Of Cognitive Decline

New predictors of cognitive decline

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According to the Alzheimer’s Association, approximately 5.2 million Americans currently have Alzheimer’s disease. As the population of older Americans continues to grow, this number is estimated to reach over seven million in 2025. Jump ahead to the year 2050, and we’re looking at a staggering predi...

Summer Offer

Summer offer

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Ct Scans And Risks To Health

Ct scans and risks to health

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I was motivated to write this researched article after many of my patients have been asking questions about how harmful are repetitive CT scans for diagnostic purposes. I have personally encountered patients who have had 8 – 10 CT scans in a period of only  3 – 4 years, and it is certain that t...

The Link Between Digestive Flora And Fauna And Type 2 Diabetes

The link between digestive flora and fauna and type 2 diabetes

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In ground breaking new research published by the journal Nature, a link between the kind of bacteria in your gut and the development of type 2 diabetes has just been discovered. All over the world cases of type 2 diabetes, or a person’s increased intolerance to insulin, is reaching epidemic pro...

Natural Pain Relievers Beat Big Pharma Drugs

Natural pain relievers beat big pharma drugs

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Want your headache gone? Take two Tylenol in your hand, drink a glass of water, throw the Tylenol away... headache gone. Dutch researchers found the same recovery rate of drug takers versus placebos. It is the water that you drink that does the job. Not the liver-toxic-internal bleeding-hearing loss...

How Taking Ginger Can Improve Your Health

How taking ginger can improve your health

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For thousands of years, ginger has been used to treat and prevent diseases while improving overall health.  Recent studies have shown that ginger that is taken regularly at approved doses is particularly valuable for improving digestion, reducing nausea, and promoting cardiovascular health amon...

Mexican Wild Yam & Menstruation: The Secret’s Out!

Mexican wild yam & menstruation: the secret’s out!

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Can't periods be easier? Does menstruation have to bring mood swings and cramps? What is menstruation anyway? What happens to my body during menstruation? Are hormones really responsible? Women start menstruating generally from the age of 12-14 through to when menopause starts. Sometimes it is earli...

This Vitamin May Help Keep Older Adults Alive

This vitamin may help keep older adults alive

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A new study concludes that among older adults — especially those who are frail — low levels of vitamin D can mean a much greater risk of death. It is another huge health breakthrough regarding the strongest nutrient out there in terms of disease prevention.This is a national study, which overall fou...

Official transcripts prove vaccine schedules are based on lies

Official transcripts prove vaccine schedules are based on lies

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30 years of secret, official transcripts prove vaccine schedules in US and UK are based on government liesA comprehensive investigation into the inner workings of the U.K.'s nationalized healthcare system has revealed a shocking legacy of corruption and lies concerning the country's vaccine policy. ...

 The Secret Ingredients That Fight Cancer

the secret ingredients that fight cancer

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Ginseng has a very long history as a potent herbal medicine. Perhaps some of its acclaimed ability to boost energy, act as an aphrodisiac, and fend off disease is due to the fact that it’s an adaptogenic herb.An adaptogen is special regulator that increases the ability of an organism to adapt to env...

A really lousy summer… London nit epidemic hits commuters

A really lousy summer… london nit epidemic hits commuters

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London is in the grip of a major nit epidemic, with experts blaming the damp, warm weather and the growing resilience of head lice to conventional treatments.At least 10 per cent of all schoolchildren in the capital have an infestation, new figures show, while studies suggest a quarter of all people...

Don’t fall for the “wheat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free” Con Job

Don’t fall for the “wheat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free” con job

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If you’re suffering from digestive problems, bloating, and discomfort from foods you eat, then you’ve probably heard the wise councel of the medicine “experts”:But that means highly constrictive diets—and no fun when you eat at home or go out to restaurants, family gatherings, or parties. What if yo...

Is your calcium supplement killing you?

Is your calcium supplement killing you?

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Algae Sourced Calcium with Bone-Building Ratios! - by Patrick BaileyThe May 23rd issue of Science News cites 5 different calcium research studies that clearly show the parallel between increased calcium supplementation and the dramatic rise in female heart attacks.The biological pathways o...

Surprising Reasons for Those Unwanted Pounds

Surprising reasons for those unwanted pounds

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Summer is a logical time to focus on weight loss. The start of the swimsuit or swimshorts season causes many to cringe in fear. Even so, the temptation to give into those carb cravings can sometimes be overwhelming.Even when we resist temptation and stay faithful to our diets, sometimes the extra po...

The Most Powerful Heart-Brain Nutrient of All: CoQ10

The most powerful heart-brain nutrient of all: coq10

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The data is clear: Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S. for both men and women, claiming well over half a million lives each year, or 1 out of every 4 deaths. The statistics are even grimmer for cognitive decline. By the time you reach 80, there is a 50% chance you'll suffer from ...