Milti Vitamins & Minerals

All people are different; this is why our multinutrient formulas are made for individuals - not the population at large. Research has shown that about 80% of Western diets are deficient in one or more nutrients, which causes symptoms such as fatigue and body degeneration.

Choose your multi and slow down aging, boost immunity and increase energy, help healing and prevent degenerative diseases. Therapeutic doses (not RDA) in formulas designed by doctors deliver results - not promises!

Did you know?

Studies show vitamin E can cut heart attack risk in half. This important nutrient is included in all our multivitamin formulas.

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Health Insurance Plus®

Lamberts® Health Insurance Plus® is a two-a-day formula providing all of the most important micro-nutrients at moderate levels, although the most important B vitamins are presented at high potency.

Price: 9.32
Pack Size: 250 tabs, 125 tabs

Healthy hair is an outward sign of health and this product provides 25 essential micro-nutrients to help you stay in optimum health.

Price: 11.88

At two tablets a day this is probably the highest strength multi-vitamin product available in the UK and it is formulated for situations where there is a high requirement for vitamins.

Price: 13.04

If you are looking for a high potency multi formula then we highly recommend MultiGuard® as the best for both potency and spread of nutrients.

Price: 4.19
Pack Size: 30 tabs, 90 tabs

High strength one-a-day formula for the over 50’s
This is a high potency one-a-day multi formulated for the over 50’s. Recent UK dietary surveys have revealed that a significant proportion of the over 50's do not achieve the RNI's for some micro-nutrients. Of particular concern among this age group are vitamin D, vitamin B12 and the trace elements zinc and selenium.

Price: 12.08
StrongStart MVM®

StrongStart MVM® is a one-a-day multi-nutrient formula that has been developed by Lamberts® Technical Department for women who are either hoping to conceive, already pregnant or breast-feeding.

Price: 11.88

For all women of menstruating age
Lamberts® Premtesse® is a high strength multi-nutrient formula especially developed for women of menstruating age both for adverse premenstrual symptoms, and as a 'core' supplement for other female disorders.

It contains 19 nutrients, including vitamin B6 that is known to be of help to menstruating women around the time of their period. A relevant level of magnesium (400mg per 2 tablets) since the effects appear to be dependent on the dose of magnesium used and 400mg per day seems to be the ideal level and appropriate levels of trace minerals such as chromium (for sugar cravings), zinc and iodine.

Premtesse® can be used alongside other food supplements such as Evening Primrose oil and Starflower (Borage) oil.

Price: 6.42
Multi-Max® Advance

Multi-Max® Advance is one of the most comprehensive one-a-day multis available in the UK for the over 50’s.

Price: 12.92

Menopause wisdom
Especially designed for women in the menopause years, this best selling formula provides a potent blend vitamins and minerals with added botanicals. With added Vitamin E to protect against age accelerating free radical damage. Maintains health, wellbeing, vitality, relaxation and energy production. A daily multivitamin and True Food Soyagen® or SuperPotency Soyagen® are also recommended.

Price: 4.16
Pack Size: 90 caps, 30 caps
Premenstrual Complex

Hormonal balance
PreMenstrual Complex provides nutrients that work together to help maintain balanced hormones and healthy glucose metabolism in the days leading up to menstruation. Contains nutrients to support the digestion, nervous system and energy levels. Also provides vitamins and minerals to help reduce cravings. Starflower Oil and True Food® Natural Vitamin E are also recommended.

Price: 8.74
True Food® Wise Woman

Made for Women!
Probably the most complete multi-nutrient formulation ever for women. True Food® Wise Woman provides a complete spectrum of bio-transformed™ vitamins and essential minerals. In addition, each formula provides key antioxidants, brain foods, amino acids and other nutrients, plus a hardy probiotic for digestive wellbeing.

Price: 7.40
Pack Size: 180 caps, 30 caps, 90 caps
Adult Multivitamins & Minerals

Everyday good all round nutritional support
Adult Multivitamins and Minerals is a one-a-day capsule for adults, providing good all round nutritional support. It contains bioavailable minerals for enhanced absorption and is iron and copper free. Suitable for vegetarians,vegans & breastfeeding mothers.

Price: 6.67
Pack Size: 30 Veg Cap, 60 Veg Cap, 90 Veg Cap
Multi-Guard® Sport

Contains 26 vitamins & minerals plus antioxidants
Multi-Guard® Sport - With green tea extract, quercetin and bioflavonoids.
This fantastic formula contains 26 vitamins and minerals plus antioxidants and is the ideal starting point when creating a supplement regime to suit your exercise and sporting requirements.

Price: 10.17
Living Multinutrient

MAGNIFOOD Multinutrient
(Magnifood is a scientifically advanced innovation)
Living Multinutrient Complex provides a wide array of important health-giving compounds; utilizing some of the most highly recognized vitamins, minerals, antioxidants & fatty acids. This nutritional product has also been enhanced with its own synergistic complex of botanicals and phytonutrient-rich foods, called MAGNIFOOD. Magnifood ingredients are combined in a manner which enhances the body's biochemical environment, in order to maximise the potential benefits of the product's ingredients.

Price: 21.66