Every woman will go through the menopause at some point, usually in your 50’s (the average age in the UK is 51). Some women have hardly any symptoms during their menopause but the majority of women will develop short term menopausal symptoms, such as hot flushes, sweats,  tiredness, being irritable, depression, anxiety, and or loss of libido to name a few. There are also longer term changes that occur after menopause, for example bones become less dense (Osteoporosis), skin loses collagen and tends to become thinner and drier as does your hair.

Thankfully Seek Natural offer several natural remedies to alleviate symptoms of menopause and supplements that will help with the longer term effects such as OsteoGuard for Osteporosis..

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Menoforce Sage Tablets

Menoforce is a licensed herbal remedy, for the treatment of menopausal hot flushes and night sweats.

Price: 27.49