Every woman will go through the menopause at some point, usually in your 50’s (the average age in the UK is 51). Some women have hardly any symptoms during their menopause but the majority of women will develop short term menopausal symptoms, such as hot flushes, sweats,  tiredness, being irritable, depression, anxiety, and or loss of libido to name a few. There are also longer term changes that occur after menopause, for example bones become less dense (Osteoporosis), skin loses collagen and tends to become thinner and drier as does your hair.

Thankfully Seek Natural offer several natural remedies to alleviate symptoms of menopause and supplements that will help with the longer term effects such as OsteoGuard for Osteporosis..

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This product has been formulated specially for women during and after the menopause. The formula provides 28 nutrients at relevant levels including the trace minerals and plenty of antioxidants.

Price: £29.95
Phytosterol Complex

Phytosterol Complex is a combination of botanical extracts, containing hops, alfalfa, licorice, sage and celery seed and is suitable for women during and after child bearing age.

Price: £13.90
Calcium Plus

Flavoured with natural vanilla & honey
A powdered calcium supplement with added magnesium and vitamins A, D and K, flavoured with natural vanilla and honey that can be mixed into drinks. It can be used by menopausal women to help support adequate calcium levels and for growing children. Suitable for vegetarians, children & breastfeeding mothers.

Price: £29.40

An all-in-one bone health formula
Osteoguard® is an all-in-one bone health formula containing high levels of calcium and magnesium in a 2:1 ratio, alongside boron and vitamin D. Whilst one tablet a day provides good support for most diets, two tablets daily is particularly preferable for those with diets containing little dairy produce or those of menopausal age.

Price: from £3.85
Pack Size: 30 tabs, 90 tabs
Pure Evening Primrose Oil 1000mg

Lamberts® supplies a wide range of Evening Primrose supplements and this is one of our most popular. Each capsule provides a high quality oil specially selected for its purity and consistent GLA level, and each capsule also provides the full RDA of vitamin E.

Price: £10.95
Pure Evening Primrose Oil 500mg

Lamberts® Evening Primrose Oil is a high quality oil specially selected for its purity and consistent GLA level, and each capsule also provides the full RDA of vitamin E.

Price: £10.95
Pure Starflower Oil 1000mg

Starflower oil is often recommended instead of evening primrose oil to women going through the menopause as well as for women at the time of their period.

Price: £15.50
Soya Isoflavones 50mg

Soya isoflavones have now become a popular and convenient supplement for women approaching or going through the menopause.

Price: £12.50
Evening Primrose Oil with Starflower Oil 1000mg

This product provides approximately 30% more GLA per capsule than similar sized evening primrose capsules and has a guaranteed level of 120mg of GLA per capsule. We achieve this high level by fortifying the evening primrose oil with starflower oil which has the highest level of GLA of any natural oils.

Price: £12.95
Sage 2500mg

Sage is a potent herb with some interesting natural ingredients. Recently Sage has become a popular ingredient in supplements for women going through the menopause.

Price: £13.30