Lymph Rejuvenator
Lymph Rejuvenator
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Lymph Rejuvenator™ helps cleanse and support the lymphatic system, lymph nodes and vessels, the overall defense mechanisms of the immune system, and also helps drain and transport lymph fluids while assisting in removal of toxins, tissue wastes and cellular debris.*

Crucial to healthy immunity, the lymphatic system carries disease-fighting white blood cells in a colorless fluid throughout your body, safely scooping up toxins and waste products and depositing them to over 600 lymph nodes and glands for filtering and removal.*

When you cut your finger or feel a flu-bug coming on, it’s your hard-working lymphatic system that rushes to the rescue with healthy white blood cells to fight the foreign invaders and neutralize their harmful effects. Knowing this, you can see why giving your lymphatic system a healthy boost is so important to your overall health.*

Lymph Rejuvenator™ is a potent liquid extract containing 10 carefully selected herbs specifically formulated to support and enhance the health-protecting functions of your entire lymphatic system.*

Ingredient Highlights

  • Ocotillo (stem): Extracts of this Southwestern shrub help to keep lymphatic fluid freely moving and are especially helpful for congestion near the lymph nodes of the pelvic region.*
  • Red Root (root): Red root helps carry nutrients from the digestive system to the liver for breakdown before entering the bloodstream. It also supports the spleen in filtering the blood of impurities.*
  • Organic Red Clover (blossoms): This plant of the legume family helps purify the blood by eliminating excess fluid. It also improves circulation, cleanses the liver, and rids the lungs of mucus.*
  • Cleavers (aerial parts): Used by herbalists as a blood purifier, the herb, cleavers, enhances the flow of lymph, bringing white blood cells to the areas where they are most needed.*
  • Stillingia (root): Also called queen’s root, this herb is indicated for a congested lymphatic system and inflamed mucous membranes. It also helps in the removal of tissue breakdown products.*
  • Organic Astragalus (root): Extract of Astragalus is believed to cleanse lymphatic fluid and has been traditionally shown to have properties to protect from pathogens and oxidants to support the immune system.*
  • Echinacea angustifolia (root): This species of Echinacea was used by Native Americans for infections of the blood and as a poultice for snake bites, swollen glands and toothaches.
  • Mullein (leaf): Modern herbalists find mullein leaf beneficial for relieving lymph congestion and swollen glands around the throat, neck, arms and groin. In addition, mullein lubricates and tones the respiratory system, helping to relieve congestion.*
  • Southern Prickly Ash (bark): This aromatic herb helps to stimulate a sluggish circulatory and lymphatic system. The same effect tones the digestive tract, helping to relieve gas, bloating and cramps.*
  • Organic Licorice (root): The cleansing action of licorice root helps filter debris from the lymphatic system. Licorice also soothes the respiratory tract and acts as an expectorant in removing phlegm.*

Suggested Use: Adults, take 90 drops (~ 3ml), two to three times a day. For additional information see your Dosage Calendar. Shake well before using.

Serving Size: 90 drops (~3ml)
Servings Per Container: 19

Amount Per Serving

% DV*

Proprietary blend

90 drops (~3 ml)

Ocotillo (stem)


Red Root (root)


Red Clover (blossoms)†


Cleavers (aerial parts)


Stillingia (root)


Astragalus (root)†


Echinacea angustifolia (root)


Mullein (leaf)


Southern Prickly Ash (bark)


Licorice (root)†


** Daily Value (DV) not established

Other Ingredients: Distilled water, organic grain alcohol† (30% by volume) and vegetable glycerin.

Extract weight-to-volume ratio: (g/ml): 1:3

†Certified Organically Grown. 

CAUTION: Do not take if pregnant, nursing.

Red Clover blossoms may increase the effect of anticoagulant drugs or estrogen replacement therapy. Consult your health care provider before using. Licorice root has a glycyrrhizin content of 3 milligram or less per 3 ml dose. Taking amounts of 100 milligrams/day or less have been found free of adverse effects. As a precaution, those with diabetes, high blood pressure, hypokalemia, heart, kidney or liver disease, or taking heart medications, should ask their health care provider if this low level of glycyrrhizin in the Licorice root is safe for them to take.


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