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Seek Natural have sourced some of best Anti-Ageing supplements from some of the leading companies in this field to help you fight the effects of ageing and your general well being. Our product selection covers many preparations including those that protect cells from excess free radicals, energy production, brain food and memory and support for your joints.


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PQQ 20mg

PQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone) is an important antioxidant that promotes the creation of new mitochondria, along with supporting heart health and cognitive function.

Price: £47.25

Advanced antioxidant support from broccoli seed extract

  • targeted chemoprotection
  • safe up-regulation of the Phase II detoxification enzymes
  • support for healthy vision and eyes
  • support for a healthy cardiovascular and gastrointestinal system
  • support for healthy joints



Price: £77.20

Jarrow Formulas® trans-Pterostilbene as pTeroPure® is 99% pure pterostilbene. Pterostilbene is a naturally occurring, methylated form of resveratrol and has better uptake and metabolic stability in the body.

Price: £42.79
Extra Nutrients™

Some customers have noted that the multiple vitamin-mineral formulas have a strong odor. This is particularly noticeable to patients who have been taking the multiples long-term. The change in odor is due to the fact that we have (over the past year) changed from selenium picolinate to selenomethionine. While we believe selenomethionine is a superior form of selenium, it does have a bit of a sulfur smell, which is normal and does not reflect a problem with the product.

A multi-vitamin-mineral supplement for individuals needing extra antioxidant support

  • a comprehensive multi with extra antioxidant nutrients
  • provides the active forms of folic acid – L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate and folinic acid in a balanced 1:1 ratio
  • provides the active, readily usable forms of vitamins B6 and B2
  • features trace minerals
Price: £80.99
Life Extension Mix Capsules

Life Extension Mix™ is vastly superior to other multivitamins on the market today—partly because it provides a remarkably broad array of fruit and vegetable extracts. Numerous scientific studies document that people who eat the most fruits and vegetables have a lower incidence of health problems.

Price: £137.99