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Menosan® contains extracts of fresh sage herb. One of the traditional uses of sage herb was to ‘ward off evil’. Today, the main use of sage herb extracts is to help women get through the menopause.

Price: 13.49

Femforte® Balance is a potent mix of botanical extracts, suitable for women during and after childbearing age. It contains high levels of red clover, providing a natural source of isoflavones genistein, daidzein, biochanin, and formononetin.

Price: 28.58

FemGuard® is a comprehensive, high potency multinutrient designed to support female health throughout the menopause. It contains high ratios of nutrients that are supportive of female hormonal balance, bone density and cardiovascular health.

Price: 20.08

Soy isoflavones, along with other naturally occurring soy phytonutrients, have been shown in scientific studies to have many health benefits, including maintaining healthy cells, promoting normal cardiovascular function, supporting bone health and assisting estrogen balance.

Price: 24.08

EstroPrime Plus™ contains four unique ingredients which play various roles in easing the typical discomforts that can accompany menopause.* The formula includes EstroG-100® (comprised of three Korean herbs), patented Gravinol grape seed extract, patented Lifenol® female hops cone extract, and succinic acid.

Price: 43.71

Wild Yam is a good source of plant sterols, which are thought to contribute to Asian women’s good health, especially around the time of the menopause.

Price: 3.94
Pack Size: 30 caps, 90 caps

Vitamin K2 is highly bioavailable and bioactive, and remains in the blood for longer than Vitamin K1; and unlike K1, K2 at the recommended dose, is suitable to take with blood thinning medication like warfarin.

Price: 9.50
Pack Size: 60 tabs, 30 tabs

Menoforce is a licensed herbal remedy, for the treatment of menopausal hot flushes and night sweats.

Price: 27.49

Sage is a potent herb with some interesting natural ingredients. Recently Sage has become a popular ingredient in supplements for women going through the menopause.

Price: 11.08

Soya isoflavones have now become a popular and convenient supplement for women approaching or going through the menopause.

Price: 10.42

Starflower oil is often recommended instead of evening primrose oil to women going through the menopause as well as for women at the time of their period.

Price: 12.92

Lamberts® Evening Primrose Oil is a high quality oil specially selected for its purity and consistent GLA level, and each capsule also provides the full RDA of vitamin E.

Price: 9.13

Lamberts® supplies a wide range of Evening Primrose supplements and this is one of our most popular. Each capsule provides a high quality oil specially selected for its purity and consistent GLA level, and each capsule also provides the full RDA of vitamin E.

Price: 9.13

Phytosterol Complex is a combination of botanical extracts, containing hops, alfalfa, licorice, sage and celery seed and is suitable for women during and after child bearing age.

Price: 11.58

This product has been formulated specially for women during and after the menopause. The formula provides 28 nutrients at relevant levels including the trace minerals and plenty of antioxidants.

Price: 24.96