Argentyn 23® 118 mL (4 fl.oz.) (no dropper)
 Argentyn 23® 118 mL (4 fl.oz.) (no dropper)
Product Code: ARG75440
Categories: Immune Support, Detox

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Argentyn 23® is an exclusive proprietary formula designed to provide safe and precise levels of functional silver. Argentyn 23® features a unique particle size (average 0.0008 microns) and ultra-fine dispersion that may enhance bioavailability of silver ions. The silver content is 99.99% pure. Vegan, non-GMO, and free from gluten and other common allergens.

Supplement Facts Serving Size1 teaspoon Servings Per Container24 Amount per serving Silver (23 ppm)115 µg Other ingredients: Pharmaceutical-grade purified water. Manufactured by Natural-Immunogenics Corp. Sold with Natural-Immunogenics label.

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