Deta Elis

The design and manufacture of the Deta-Elis therapy devices began in 1992 by a scientific company named "Alice." The gifted inventor and academic at the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences behind this company was Sergey Konoplev Petrovic (see photo opposite). 

In 1996 the company designed a new device for protecting people from weak sources of radiation. 

This device was tested in many Russian clinics and Military Hospitals, as well as the municipal police. All the testing showed how successful this device was. The device was later further improved by adding an electromagnetic component. 

In 1998 a new bioresonance therapy device was invented called the Deta-Professional.

On 10 April 1998, the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation granted the company permission to use the device for electro-diagnostic medical examinations and electromagnetic treatments. The company was also allowed to conduct clinical trials with the Deta devices.