Stop Aging Now

Stop Aging Now are part of group of companies which in 2016 also aquired the Brand of Vitamin Research Products (VRP). As many companies do in order to make economies of scale saving accross the different brand names, many of the VRP branded products will now be re-branded as Stop Aging Now. Some of the VRP products will be discontinued altogether.

Stop Aging Now has been building a loyal following of extremely satisfied customers for nearly two decades, because we are driven by one simple motto: "WE CARE!"

  • We care about the quality, effectiveness and value of every product we sell.
  • We care about your entire experience with us, both before and after your purchase.
  • We care about your 100% satisfaction. That's why we have a 365-day return policy.
  • We care about whether you would recommend our products to friends and family.
  • We care about feedback. We listen to our customers and are constantly improving
Calcium Complex with Magnesium 1000 MG
Provides a balanced 2:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium ..
Price: 14.96
CUR-Q10® Antioxidant Cream
CoQ10: Your Heart and Brain Depend on This Cellular Energizer   ..
Price: 37.46
AllerShield XTS™ Sinus and Respiratory Support
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Price: 23.29
CalmTrex® ULTRA Advanced Mood & Stress Relief
CalmTrex® ULTRA provides a powerful, fast-acting support for enhanced mood, cognitive function and relief from stress and anxiety. ..
Price: 29.13
Curcumin2K® Formula with Black Pepper
Curcumin2K® is a premium curcumin formula designed for maximum potency and absorption ..
Price: 29.13
 AlphaPure® Alpha Lipoic Acid 300 MG
Our premium grade AlphaPure® formula is made with a potent 300 mg dose of the highest quality alpha lipoic acid for superior absorption and maximum free radical fighting power.* ..
Price: 14.96
CinnaPure® Cinnamon Formula
Our CinnaPure® Cinnamon Extract is made with CinSulin ..
Price: 19.13
Ashwagandha Extract - Standardized 450 MG
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Price: 18.29