Complementary Prescriptions
KandidaPlex™ (Comp Prescriptions Candida Complex)
We are shipping the Complementary Prescription Candida Complex as Kandidaplex has been discontinued, This is the same product and contains all the same ingredients, AND THANKFULLY BACK IN STOCK ..
Price: £29.99
Vitamin B12, Methylcobalamin Liquid 5,000 mcg (30ml)
METHYLCOBALAMIN IS THE ACTIVE FUNCTIONAL FORM OF B12 Most B12 supplements are in the form of cyanocobalamin and the body must convert it to another form. Methylcobalamin is different. It is the a..
Price: £18.99
B12 Liquid (Methylcobalamin) 5 mg 120ml
Active, coenzyme form of vitamin B12 ..
Price: £27.99
Beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract Since the human gastrointestinal tract (GI tract) is home to over 400 different kinds of microbes, it’s only logical that such a diverse environment w..
Price: £32.34
BioDIM® 150mg
Supports breast, cervical & prostate health BioDIM® helps activate pathways that encourage healthy hormone balance, body weight and immune health. It has also been shown to maintain health o..
Price: £48.95
CeaseFire - Mastic DGL Gum (60 wafers)
Soothe and restore your stomach and intestinal tract with CeaseFire®. CeaseFire® delivers extracts of mastic gum and DGL (de-glycyrrhizinated licorice) in a pleasant tasting, cinnamon-flavored ch..
Price: £24.95
Used in Europe to promote healthy arteries* Serrapeptase is proteolytic (protein-dissolving) enzyme that has been used in Europe to promote healthy arteries.* Serrapeptase is enterically coated f..
Price: £50.34
Pregnenolone 100mg
A positive effect on memory, mood & energy Produced by the bodys adrenal glands, pregnenolone is a direct precursor of both DHEA and progesterone. Pregnenolone is the building block for all o..
Price: £29.94
Cinnamon Extract, CinSulin®
Developed with assistance from Dr. Richard Anderson CinSulin® is a water soluble cinnamon extract, developed with assistance from noted cinnamon researcher Dr. Richard Anderson. The makers of Ci..
Price: £28.95