Complementary Prescriptions
Vitamin B12, Methylcobalamin Liquid 5,000 mcg (120ml)
METHYLCOBALAMIN IS THE ACTIVE FUNCTIONAL FORM OF B12 Most B12 supplements are in the form of cyanocobalamin and the body must convert it to another form. Methylcobalamin is different. It is the a..
Price: 33.33
B12 Liquid (Methylcobalamin) 5 mg 120ml
Active, coenzyme form of vitamin B12 ..
Price: 33.33
BioDIM® 150mg
Supports breast, cervical & prostate health BioDIM® helps activate pathways that encourage healthy hormone balance, body weight and immune health. It has also been shown to maintain health o..
Price: 40.79
CeaseFire - Mastic DGL Gum (60 Chewables)
Soothe and restore your stomach and intestinal tract with CeaseFire®. CeaseFire® delivers extracts of mastic gum and DGL (de-glycyrrhizinated licorice). ..
Price: 25.78
Used in Europe to promote healthy arteries* Serrapeptase is proteolytic (protein-dissolving) enzyme that has been used in Europe to promote healthy arteries.* Serrapeptase is enterically coated f..
Price: 41.95
GluControl Glucose Control Formula 120 Caps
Supporting healthy blood sugar levels Glucose Control Formula  is a clinically formulated blend of nutrients designed to be used along with a balanced diet to support healthy blood suga..
Price: 31.63