Hempanol Oil 30ml
Hempanol Oil 30ml
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100% raw CO2 extracted organic hemp oil supports healthy balance in all key systems of the body. Essential for activating a wide range of body functions, critical to wellness and optimal health

With Hempanol there is no better way to gain better balance in all key systems of the body - immune, nervous system, digestive, circulatory, detoxification and more. Through the powers of organic CO2 extracted raw hemp oil (which means it is raw), Hempanol supports healthy activation of CB2 receptors, CB2 receptors are crucial in maintaining optimal health within these key systems in the body.

Contains: raw CO2 extracted high beta caryophyllene organic hemp oil, wild CO2 extracted P73 oregano oil and organic extra virgin olive oil.

Presentation: 30ml bottle with dispenser

(also available in soft gelcaps)

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