Vitamin E
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Natural Source E (Vitamin E)

Natural Source E is biologically more active than synthetic vitamin E, and is better retained by the body.* Natural Source E also contains mixed tocopherols.

Price: £54.61
Wheat Germ Oil

Wheat Germ Oil comes from the seed or kernel of the wheat plant – the reproductive part of the plant rich in octascosanol, vitamin E and fatty acids. Wheat Germ Oil in fact contains the highest level of vitamin E of any natural food.

Price: £8.57
Tocomin SupraBio Tocotrienols

Tocomin SupraBio® is a pure palm mixed tocotrienol complex, with a natural ratio of alpha, beta, gamma, and delta-tocotrienols. It is extracted and concentrated from fresh, virgin red palm oil. A patented self-emulsifying composition enhances absorption compared to regular tocotrienol extracts.

Price: £37.35

FamilE® contains all 8 members of the vitamin E family, for enhanced antioxidant and cardiovascular function.

Price: £45.50