A “Spicy” Solution for Sensitive Lungs

There’s no way to overstate the importance of clear, healthy lungs: Breathing is so essential to your body’s survival that even the most minor complication—whether it’s a nagging cough or a temporary wheeze—can put a serious damper on your quality of life for anywhere from minutes to weeks.

And yet, for people with sensitive, hyper-responsive or easily aggravated lungs, the simple act of breathing becomes a relentless and terrifying daily battle.

Still, there is hope for a safe and effective solution to soothe your aggravated airways. And according to recent research, it comes from a rather unlikely source: turmeric—or more specifically, its primary constituent curcumin.

As part of a new study, researchers sensitized a group of mice to ovalbumin (the main protein in egg whites) through a series of injections. They then induced bronchial challenges in the newly allergic mice by way of ovalbumin inhalation. The mice were given curcumin by injection daily, after which they were evaluated for a number of measures—including airway hyper-responsiveness, inflammatory cell counts, NF-kappaB activation in lung tissue, and levels of immunoglobulin E (IgE), which is the primary antibody involved in lung-related allergic reactions.

Results revealed that a series of daily doses of curcumin was able to block the activity of NF-kappaB—a protein that plays a primary role in triggering inflammatory and immune responses—while calming down hyper-responsive airways. The researchers also observed a reduction in populations of leukocytes and eosinophils—two types of white blood cells involved in allergic responses—as well as reduced IgE in the lung fluids of the mice that received curcumin.

Finally, curcumin appeared to buffer aggravated lungs against both inflammatory cell infiltration and mucus blockages—leading the study’s authors to conclude that this antioxidant-rich spice has the potential to deliver vital support to people struggling with sensitive lungs and inflamed airways.1

Obviously, human studies are still needed to confirm curcumin’s ability to help you breathe easier. But with all of the other impressive benefits that curcumin is scientifically demonstrated to deliver—to your heart, joints and cells—you already have all the reasons you need to add curcumin to your daily regimen today. You can find highly bioavailable curcumin as the optimized solid lipid curcumin particle (SLCP™) called Longvida® RD, a dramatically effective form of this powerful botanically derived substance, available now from Seek Natural

By VRP Staff.


1. Oh SW, Cha JY, Jung JE, Chang BC, Kwon HJ, Lee BR, Kim DY. Curcumin attenuates allergic airway inflammation and hyper-responsiveness in mice through NF-kappaB inhibition. J Ethnopharmacol. 2010 Jul 17. Published Online Ahead of Print.


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