Skin Care

Be pampered by Seek Natural’s selection of skin care products. Packed with plant performance ingredients, they are all designed to be kind and nourish your skin.

However, if you are concerned about premature aging, then why not try AGEBlock by Vitamin Research Products.


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Salcura Face Hydrator

Popular with people looking for a 100% natural alternative to chemical based face products and those with mild/moderate dry skin.

  • Quick relief from dry skin
  • Reduces inflammation fast
  • High concentration of Omega 3, 6, 7 and 9 promotes healthy and nourished skin
Price: £11.99
Rose Hip Hydrating Day Cream

An antioxidant rich blend of rose hip, pomegranate and kakadu plum to deeply moisturise for a radiant complexion.

Price: £26.95
Antiac DAILY Face Wash 150ml

The Salcura Antiac Face Wash forms part of the DAILY range and is for regular use - maintaining clear skin and reducing light blemishing. For moderate to severe outbreaks we recommend combining the DAILY range with products from the ACTIV range - either the Liquid Spray or the Gel Serum.

Price: £9.99
Hydrating Mist Toner

Combines German chamomile and rosewater to soothe and tone the skin.

This alcohol-free, skin hydrating mist combines chamomile and rosewater to help soothe, tone and cool tired skin.

Price: £8.12
Sukin Gorgeous Getaways

Convenient, compact size products perfect for travel, sample of gift.

Price: £24.95
Antiac DAILY Face Wipes 25 wipes

Rich in natural goodness, this naturally active face wipes are perfect for 'on the go' maintenance of blemish free skin.

The Salcura Antiac DAILY range is formulated using naturally active ingredients that, when used on a regular basis, can help to maintain clear skin. Packed full of omega rich Sea Buckthorn and other natural ingredients such as Rosemary Oil and Aloe.

Price: £6.99
Revitalising Facial Scrub

This gentle creamy treatment promotes healthy skin circulation, refining texture and smoothness, leaving clean radiant skin.

This gentle cleanser uses non-abrasive, micro particles of bamboo extract and ground walnut shells to remove dirt and impurities leaving clean, radiant skin.

Price: £8.12
Magnesium Original Flakes

BetterYou Magnesium Original Flakes are derived directly from the ancient Zechstein Sea. They deliver the most pure natural form of magnesium chloride. Add to a foot or body bath for whole body health and relaxation. The Zechstein Inside magnesium source has remained protected from man-made pollutants, and every batch receives a chemical fingerprint to ensure it passes stringent purity checks. This is why Magnesium Flakes proudly supply sports teams, spas and practitioners worldwide.

Price: £3.49
Cleanser and Make-Up Remover (Sensitive) 150ml


An ultra-gentle, fragrance-free 2-in-1 cleanser & make-up remover

  • Softens and soothes as you cleanse
  • Gently removes eye make-up (including waterproof mascara) 
  • Alcohol-free and scent-free for very sensitive skin
  • Anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties 
  • Leaves skin beautifully soft and retains moisture balance

Organic Shea butter, Squalane from Olive, Jojoba esters & Calendula

Price: £18.00
Purifying Facial Masque

A gentle treatment to help cleanse, tone and de-stress your skin.

Price: £10.16