All essential vitamins and minerals are needed to maintain the health of the mother and growth and development of the baby. A healthy diet and quality supplements will help ensure daily optimal intake. We have many formulas providing folic acid, vitamin B12 and zinc required prior, during and after pregnancy.

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Basic Prenatal

Complete dietary supplement for pregnant and lactating women

  • well-absorbed, highly bioavailable nutrients reduce risk of stomach upset
  • includes iron and bioactive form of folate to help maintain healthy iron and folate levels
  • provides the active forms of folic acid – L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate and folinic acid in a balanced 1:1 ratio
  • contains well-absorbed iron picolinate, which is easy on the stomach and non-constipating
Price: 34.99
Methyl Pregnancy Multinutrient

NEW Methyl Pregnancy Multinutrient is a superior, high potency formulation to support pregnancy and breastfeeding, containing active folic acid in the form of Methylfolate.

Price: 18.29
DLux Pregnancy 25ml

Delivers 1000iu of vitamin D, 400ug of folic acid, 1.4mg of vitamin B1 and 2mg of vitamin B6 with every dose (5 sprays). Rich in vitamins D3, B1, B6 and essential Folic Acid this spray is convenient, easy to use and tastes great! Can be taken throughout the pregnancy and during breastfeeding. An emulsified solution that is sprayed into the mouth for optimal absorption and utilisation. These vitamins for pregnancy are suitable for those of a vegetarian, diabetic and coeliac diet.

Price: 8.33
AnteNatal BioFlora (Probiotic)

AnteNatal BioFlora is a new specialised live bacteria for use by women during pregnancy. It contains LAB4B, the latest of BioCare's industry-leading LAB4 range of live bacteria.

Price: 20.33
Mega EPA Forte (Omega-3 Fish Oil)

Mega EPA Forte is an extra high potency fish oil capsule, suitable for daily use. EPA and DHA contribute to the normal function of the heart and DHA contributes to the maintenance of normal brain and vision functions.

Price: 19.29
Organic Babies Mum & Baby Rescue Balm

Scent-free rescue balm for mum and baby to share. Rescues dry skin, soothes sore nipples & perineum.

Price: 8.75
StrongStart® for Women

For women who are trying for a baby and during pregnancy
The principle of using dietary supplements before conception is established by the DoH recommendation that all women trying to conceive should take a folic acid supplement.

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Price: 10.79
Organic Babies Newborn Hamper

Great value as this basket contains £40 worth of products!

Perfect gift for 'mums to be'.

Price: 33.33