Immune Support

The immune system is the body's first line of defence in maintaining health, preventing illness and hastening recovery, so the more we can help support it, the healthier we become.

Seek Natural offers many products designed to support general nutrition and your immune health such as our Super Immune Quickstart™; a simple way to consume a multitude of excellent nutritional supplements shown to support immune health, Vitamin A, C & Selenium and potent probiotics to name a few, all important for immune health, not forgetting the herbs such as Echinacea for colds and flu.

A good multivitamin & multimineral such as HMD Multi's is always a good starting point to support general health.

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This delicious ‘syrup’ can be taken straight of the spoon or added to drinks, as a great way to boost the intake of powerful plant compounds called flavonoids.

Price: 13.04
BioMulsion A

Maximum strength in a few tiny drops
BioMulsion A is a liquid vitamin A product that is emulsified for maximum absorption and superior bio-availability. Suitable for vegetarians & vegans.

Price: 10.67
Provides essential immune support
Allex® provides essential immune support, its unique formula contains a potent blend of amino acids and antioxidants which also support gut health. Suitable for vegetarians & vegans.
Price: 14.54
Supergar 8000

Extra strong garlic – high in allicin & alliin
This extra strong Garlic is specially made to reduce any Garlic odour and aftertaste. High odour compounds including allicin and alliin are responsible for Garlic’s aromatic flavour and are much prized in cooking.

Price: 12.25
Enhances immunity & circulatory health
Enhance stem cell activity with this potent marine-derived nutrient. Published studies attest to fucoidan’s remarkable ability to promote cardiovascular health and support a normal inflammatory response. Now, new research demonstrates that fucoidan actually mobilizes and potentiates stem cells, and enhances their ability to renew and revitalize aging tissues. Our Fucoidan is certified organic, produced through an exclusive chemical-free process that yields pharmaceutical purity fucoidan while preserving delicate biological activity.*
Price: 36.95
Samento® Extract

Supporting immune function & blood sugar
Samento is a proprietary extract of Uncaria tomentosa, also known as Cat’s Claw, in an easy-to-take, full-spectrum liquid extract. It’s the pentacyclic (POA) form of Cat’s Claw that has been shown to support immune function, and Samento delivers these pentacyclic constituents, certified free of TOA (tetracyclic oxindole alkaloids).* Samento also contains a variety of triterpenes and polyphenols, which demonstrate powerful immune modulating and blood sugar-balancing abilities. Liquid Samento Extract has also been proven to be an effective inflammation balancer in a number of studies.

Price: 46.95
Immune +

This high potency, immune supporting combination provides 1000mg Vitamin C (in two tablets), with Blackcurrant, Black Elderberry and Bilberry, plus Zinc.

Price: 2.90
Pack Size: 30 tabs, 90 tabs, 180 tabs
Colostrum Prime Life 500mg

Jarrow Formulas® Colostrum Prime Life® contains a minimum of 35% immunoglobulins, and is collected within 16 hours of calving from American, pasture-fed cows.

Price: 33.66
Udo's Choice Infants Blend

Udo’s Choice Infant Blend Microbiotics contain 7 infant & toddler-specific bacterial strains at an appropriate strength, designed specifically to reflect healthy infant microflora.

Price: 19.99
L-Glutamine 1000mg

L-Glutamine Easy-Solv® Tablets. L-Glutamine - the most abundant amino acid in the human body - is involved in many metabolic processes, including the synthesis and protection of muscle tissue, the production of glycogen, as well as immune support during periods of immune and muscular stress.

Price: 24.13
 BHCC Immune* 60 Vegetarian Capsules
Natural Medicines Monographs Reishi Mushroom Shiitake Mushroom Arabinoxylan
Price: 26.40
ParaMicrocidin (Citrus Seed Extract)

An extract of grapefruit seeds. Available in 2 strengths, 125mg and 250mg.

Price: 18.42
Total Nutrition Superfood

Total Nutrition represents a new approach to nutrition for people of any age. Simply add to water, fruit juice or a smoothie for the ultimate in nutritional drinks and the perfect nutritional supplement for busy lifestyles. When ill or convalescing, why not try Total Nutriton Superfood in a soup. 100% organic, raw food formula ensures the highest bio-availability of nutrients in their raw food state. Contains 10 organically harvested superfoods. Ideal to be taken between meals to maintain optimum energy levels. Bursting with a powerful range of nutrients for optimum health.              

Price: 12.75
Ascorbyl Palmitate

Ascorbyl palmitate (AP) is an ester formed from ascorbic acid and palmitic acid creating a fat-soluble form of vitamin C that can reach tissue areas ascorbic acid cannot. The lipophilic AP is able to cross biological barriers and satisfies the tissue demand for ascorbate better than the hydrophilic form.

Price: 24.71