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We have tried to pick the best complementary and alternative medicine books written today. All have been reviewed by Dr. Georgiou in person, as well as our panel of experts. These books have significant research advances to share with their reader, whether they be CAM practitioners, teachers or the interested layperson.

There are also a selection of carefully researched e-zines that will be easily downloadable for a small price. These ezines pull together all the cutting-edge research relevant to that topic, and present the material in an easy-to-read format without much scientific jargon. The list of such e-zines will grow with time.
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Curing the Incurable with Holistic Medicine
In a world where most symptoms are suppressed using drugs, it is no surprise that most chronic, degenerative diseases are considered as “incurable.” This book, written by Dr. George J Georgiou, Ph.D.,N.D.,DSc (AM) will help you to identify the main causes of your “incurable” disease, understand its pathogenesis (where it began and how it evolved) and what you must do to begin reversing these causative factors. This is the approach of Holistic Medicine – working on all levels of the body, physical, environmental, nutritional, energetic, psychological, emotional, as well as spiritual to allow the body in its innate wisdom to cure itself. The book contains over 750 scientific references to put Holistic Medicine into the “Evidence-based” scientific category, along with fifteen case histories of real people that have been diagnosed with “incurable” disease.
Price: 20.46
The Twelve Healers
A faithful reproduction of the original
The unique opportunity to own a perfect, hand-finished, facsimile of the first book published after Dr Bach completed his discovery of the 38 Bach remedies in 1935. Often said to be the only book necessary to understand the Bach Flower Remedies. A collector’s edition, as originally written by the man whose vision introduced flower essences to the world. Includes Bach’s account of the sun and boiling methods of preparation. A ‘facsimile edition’ is a faithful reproduction of the original, copying the appearance of the typesetting, paper, binding and all other production methods as accurately as possible.

Paperback 36 pages / 1936 facsimile edition
Price: 5.21
Guide to the Bach Flower Remedies
Practical guidance on how the remedies work
Gives practical guidance in everyday language on how the Bach Flower Remedies work, the states of mind that they are prescribed for, and how to diagnose.

Author: Julian Barnard
Price: 5.24
Form and Function
The relationship between plants & mankind
Bach spoke of the Grand Design behind the physical world of living things. A Grand Design and a Grand Designer. This book describes and illustrates aspects of that design at work - the story of Bach’s discovery of the 38 individual remedies, how it happened, why he chose those plants; the historical background to his work; the plant gestures and how they picture the emotional states which describe the remedies; homoeopathy, botany, evolution, soul life and the spiritual journey. It is both a reappraisal and a strikingly original account of the relationship between plants and mankind.

Author: Julian Barnard
344pp with 280 line-drawn illustrations
Price: 11.83
VRP Catalogue
Vitamin Research Catalogue
Price: 0.00
Collected Writings
All of Dr Bach’s published books, articles, papers & lectures
This thoroughly revised edition includes all of Dr Bach’s published books, articles, papers and lectures about the Bach flower remedies together with his letters, notes and many detailed case histories. The discovery and development of the Bach Flower Remedies are clearly charted. Dr Bach’s earlier work is also given full attention, including his papers on vaccines, homoeopathy and the bowel nosodes. This book is required reading for anyone using or prescribing the Flower Remedies, for all those concerned with homoeopathy, and anyone curious about complementary medicine.

Paperback 294 pages / edited by Julian Barnard
Price: 11.83
Form and Function
Why & how the remedies are so effective
Form and Function begins the process of explaining why and how the remedies are so effective. It describes how Bach made his discoveries and examines the living qualities of the plants and how the remedies are made. The result is remarkable. Julian Barnard recounts his observations so that readers can explore the complex way in which the remedy plants grow - their gesture and qualities, ecology, botany and behaviour.

It is a ‘trumpet call’ to attend to nature in a new way.

Author: Julian Barnard
Price: 11.83
Three films about Bach Flower Remedies
Filmscripts for three films based on the work and research of Julian Barnard. The DVD's form the basis of the Healingherbs Training and Distance Learning Programme.
Price: 3.94
Bach Flower Remedies - the essence within

Details the way the flower remedies are used
'Bach Flower Remedies - the essence within' details the way that the flower remedies are used, and gives instructions for the way they are made. Richly illustrated, this book is both a work of reference, and a practical guide for those who wish to help themselves with this natural, safe and effective form of healing. The authoritative text is the result of more than 30 years of work with Bach essences. A beautiful celebration of the herbs of the field placed here for our healing.

Author: Julian Barnard
Price: 13.74
Edward Bach’s system of Diagnosis & Therapy

A 'forgotten hero'
A ground-breaking study of Edward Bach as a man before his time, a 'forgotten hero' in medicine and psychology. After years of practice and research in Cuba, Professor Boris Rodríguez demonstrates how Dr Bach's diagnostic and therapeutic system shares and enriches the language used in contemporary psychological assessment.

Author: Boris Rodruiguez
Price: 7.46