Digestive Support

Seek Natural offer several Natural formulas for enhancing and supporting the digestive system, including substances that can heal stomach ulcers, improve stomach and gut digestion and alleviate bowel distension, bloating and flatulence.

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Colostrum Prime Life 500mg

Jarrow Formulas® Colostrum Prime Life® contains a minimum of 35% immunoglobulins, and is collected within 16 hours of calving from American, pasture-fed cows.

Price: £40.39

DigestMORE is a plant-derived digestive enzyme that works to enhance digestion. Proper digestion is vital for good health and energy. DigestMORE is formulated to work through the entire range of gastric pH levels (2-14) and is a perfect everyday enzyme. DigestMORE contains herbs that help to soothe and repair damage that may exist in the intestinal tract, making it much more than just an enzyme supplement.

Price: £19.99
Eradicidin Forte®

An exciting new product from Biocare to help maintain a healthy environment in the digestive system. This time release tablet uses a potent mix of Oregano, clove, cinnemon and Garlic plant oils

Price: £27.55
Chromium Picolinate

an essential mineral for carbohydrate metabolism

  • supports already normal blood glucose levels
  • decreases carbohydrate cravings
  • an effective component of weight-loss regimens
  • made without flowing agents that can inhibit bioavailability
Price: £23.00
Betaine HCL & Pepsin

For improved protein digestion

  • enhances stomach acidity
  • promotes protein breakdown and absorption
  • benefits individuals with occasional indigestion
  • made without lactose, preservatives, magnesium stearate, or other lubricants and diluents
Price: from £42.49
Pack Size: 450 Caps, 225 Vegitarian Capsules
Gentle Fibers

Jarrow Formulas® Gentle Fibers® provides high-quality fibers and lignans that promote cardiovascular and immune health along with good digestion and proper elimination.

Price: £27.50
DigestMORE Ultra

What is DigestMORE Ultra?
Renew Life produces 2 different enzyme formulas - DigestMORE and DigestMORE ULTRA. Each formula is designed to meet your unique digestive needs. DigestMORE ULTRA is a therapeutic strength enzyme formula designed for those whose digestive problems occur on a daily basis, or are serious in nature.

Price: £29.99