Vitamin C
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Esterol Ester-C with Bioflavonoids

Ester-C® is a patented nutritional product that contains ascorbic acid and calcium.* Esterol also provides 3 types of bioflavonoids - quercetin, rutin, and proanthocyanidins.

Price: £28.58
Micro Liposomal C

Micro Liposomal C - Highly Absorbable Vitamin C in Sunflower Phospholipid Liposomes. Micro Liposomal C uses pure essential phospholipids from sunflower lecithin for liposomal delivery of vitamin C. The soy-free liposomes are several times smaller than other vitamin C liposome products.

Price: £34.15
Vitamin C Rosehip Complex - 150g Powder

NEW Vitamin C Rosehip Complex is a great tasting vitamin C powder with minerals, bioflavonoids and berry extracts. This handy powder dissolves easily into water. Each 5g dose provides 1g of vitamin C with minerals such as zinc and manganese.

Price: £15.95
Magnesium Ascorbate (Vitamin C)

Magnesium Ascorbate is a buffered, non-acidic form of vitamin C (pH of 7.0), which is generally gentler to the stomach than ascorbic acid.*

Price: £25.75
Vitamin C Capsules With Bioflavonoids

Vitamin C is a useful addition in most nutritional therapy cases. Bioflavonoids from citrus fruits are added to make this supplement as similar to natural vitamin C as possible.

Price: £29.15
Fizzy C (VIT C Vitamin C 1000mg 20's)

Perhaps the first effervescent Vitamin C in the UK without additives and artificial colouring or flavouring.

Price: £4.69
Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a basic antioxidant that is needed for normal blood clotting and is essential in the synthesis of collagen, necessary for healthy connective tissue, gums, teeth and bones

Price: £25.75
Rosehips C 1000

High strength vitamin C with rosehips, a naturally rich source of vitamin C. Rosehips provide vitamin C but are also a rich source of other phytonutrients.

Price: from £9.55
Pack Size: 90 tabs, 180 tabs
Ascorbyl Palmitate

Ascorbyl palmitate (AP) is an ester formed from ascorbic acid and palmitic acid creating a fat-soluble form of vitamin C that can reach tissue areas ascorbic acid cannot. The lipophilic AP is able to cross biological barriers and satisfies the tissue demand for ascorbate better than the hydrophilic form.

Price: £29.65
Ultra C Plus

Ultra C Plus provides 1000mg of Vitamin C plus 500mg Citrus Bioflavonoids, known to work in synergy with Vitamin C in the body, as well as supporting healthy veins.

Price: £17.19