Lugols Iodine 5%
Lugol’s Iodine is made of potassium iodide (10%) and elemental iodine (5%) with water (85%). Iodine has received a lot of attention due to the recent Fukushima catastrophe since Iodine supple..
Price: 13.50
Magnesium Oil Original Spray 125ml
✓ Easily Absorbed  ✓ 100% Natural  ✓ Odourless  KIKI’s Genuine Zechstein™ Magnesium Oil is a saturated solution of magnesium chloride that is applied directly ..
Price: 10.17
Dr Georgiou's post consultation prescriptions
post consultation prescriptions ..
Price: 279.65
Herbal Antimicrobial ..
Price: 22.46
Candida Protocol - Part 1
The Da Vinci Candida Protocol was designed to make it easy for people to buy a complete package of intensive treatments that will eradicate your Candida in 3-months. This is the treatment protocol ..
Price: 124.50
Pack Size: 1 Month, 3 month
Candida 30C Homeopathic Pillules x 200
Candida 30C Homeopathic Pillules x 200 ..
Price: 8.33