Higher Nature
Valerian Sleep Aid
Used to relieve sleep disturbances & mild anxiety Virtually everybody has problems sleeping at sometime or another. This may cause chronic tiredness that badly affects everyday life. ..
Price: 5.58
Fizzy Multi
Perhaps the first effervescent multi-vitamin and mineral in the UK to be additive and artificial flavouring free. Each tablet provides optimum levels of key nutrients, including trace minerals, suc..
Price: 5.99
Pantothenic Acid 500mg
Pantothenic acid, or Vitamin B5, is important for many processes in the body, particularly releasing energy from food and supporting the health of the bones, skin, hair and nails. ..
Price: 7.12
Advanced Nutrition Complex
This high potency multi-vitamin and mineral formula offers all the key nutrients in their optimum form for better absorption and assimilation. ..
Price: 3.15
Pack Size: 30 tabs, 90 tabs, 180 tabs
Lysine 500mg
Lysine is mainly found in animal proteins so vegetarians may be deficient. Lysine may help maintain healthy arteries. ..
Price: 7.25
Rosehips C 1000
High strength vitamin C with rosehips, a naturally rich source of vitamin C. Rosehips provide vitamin C but are also a rich source of other phytonutrients. ..
Price: 7.96
Pack Size: 90 tabs, 180 tabs
Performax Fuel-up Nutty
Gluten Free Nutty Oat Bar Delicious, dairy and gluten free, sustaining energy bar with nuts and slow release gluten free oats ..
Price: 24.83
Candiclear contains a powerful blend of octanoic acid and culinary herbs to help maintain healthy gut flora. ..
Price: 6.40
Pack Size: 90 caps, 30 caps
Oregano Oil 90 Capsules
Oregano oil is an edible essential oil for optimal digestion; helps support healthy gut flora, stomach and intestines for digestive wellbeing. ..
Price: 14.99
The Saltpipe Inhaler
The Saltpipe ™ is a handy inhaler that brings the benefits of salt mine therapy to your home. Beneficial for hay fever, asthma, allergies, common cold, problems caused by smoking, snoring and any..
Price: 24.96