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The beauty of this gel is that it is very easily absorbed by the skin by applying directly to the affected area. Some people experience instant results, but we recommend you continue to apply the gel for up to three weeks. Above all, Artrosilium is completely safe and natural. It is hypo-allergenic which means it should not produce any skin or body reactions.
Silica is needed for the proper formation of connective tissues that are abundant in the skin, bones, tendons, ligaments, joints, and cartilages. It helps in improving bone density thus making them stronger.
How Does it Work?
Artrosilium works by supplying the body with natural organic silica to aid in the regeneration of damaged joints and cartilages. Silica is essential for the proper formation of the connective tissues in the cartilages and joints thus it is very crucial that an ample amount is present in the body. Along with silica, Artrosilium also acts as anti-inflammatory and analgesic agent. It will reduce the inflammation on the joints that are hindering the repair process. It will also act on the nerve endings to reduce joint pain and discomfort. Blackcurrant also helps reduce the inflammation of the joints and boost the immune system at the same time.
Advantages of using Artrosilium
It is an all-natural product.
It supports optimum joint health using a holistic approach of pain relief and joint repair.
It does not contain glucosamine thus making the product safe for people with shellfish allergy.


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