Archturus is a company that is dedicated to an increased understanding of the nature of perfect health - a true balance within the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Most nutrients don't work in isolation, they depend on each other for optimum absorption and use within the body. Many people however, are unaware of this fact and often read about a specific nutrient, buy it in their local health food shop, and the result is inappropriate and out-of-balance supplementation. The Archturus Formulae are designed to take account of the complex interactions between nutrients so that the best possible results can be achieved. The formulae provide a convenient way to take several nutrients at once, reducing the need for many different bottles or jars of individual nutrients. This in turn makes it a more economical way to supplement the diet.

Lecithin 1200mg
Lecithin is extracted from non-GM soybeans and consists of three types of phospholipids; phosphatidylcholine , phosphatidylethanolamine and phosphotidylinositol. Lecithin provides an excellent sour..
Price: 7.92
AA Formula
AA Formula provides a combination of the essential nutrients needed for healthy adrenal function. ..
Price: 11.17
Psyllium Husks
Very gentle fibre which can be used in conjunction with Loosemore Herbs as part of a bowel cleansing programme or on its own to normalise bowel movements. ..
Price: 16.00
Comprehensive Formula
This is a combination of the Basic Formula 1 and a complete combination of 19 amino acids in free form plus the addition of vitamins C and E. Its purpose is to provide vitamins, minerals and amino ..
Price: 9.50
Liver Formula
Liver Formula is the formula of choice when to optimise hepatic function. It contains the lipotropic nutrients choline and inositol, plus magnesium, vitamin A and E and selenium and a herbal blend...
Price: 11.58
Basic Formula 1  1000 caps
The Basic Formulae 1 and 2 formulae provide calcium and magnesium as the main minerals, plus the addition of the full range of B vitamin co-factors in yeast-free form and the vitamins A and D. ..
Price: 110.00
Slippery Elm
A great soother for the whole of the intestinal tract from the stomach to the colon. ..
Price: 10.50
Digestive Enzyme Formula
This revised formula contains betaine HCl with the addition of enzymes for digesting fat (lipase), protein (protease) and carbohydrate (amylase), cellulase for breaking down fibre and papain from p..
Price: 19.67
Loosemore Herbs OUT OF STOCK
This herbal mixture is one of Archturus best-selling products, aiding in the relief of constipation. ..
Price: 17.42