The Api-ar range is the result of seven years of research and development. “Api”, for “apitherapy” and “ar” for “aromatherapy”. The strength of Api-ar products is in the power from substances produced by bees (propolis) and in the essential plant oils from mother nature. One gram of this propolis is equivalent to ten grams of normal propolis; the combination with specific aromatherapy oils greatly increases the strength of the propolis.

Allermin Drops
When the spring time season brings in the sneezes, and other sensitivities you may want to reach for Allermin Drops. Allermin Drops help to prevent seasonal allergies, hay fever, dust allergies and..
Price: 7.13
Kilvir Caps
Kilvir Capsules support the body’s natural defense system; helping to reinforce and strengthen the immune system, to lessen the chance of viruses taking hold in the first place. ..
Price: 16.66
Pulmophase Syrup
Pulmophase Syrup can help to free up breathing when you feeling chesty and congested. ..
Price: 12.46
Rhinophase Syrup (Immuneol)
Rhinophase Syrup helps with discomfort associated with the upper respiratory tract; increasing natural resistance against ear, nose and throat disorders. ..
Price: 12.46