Forest Herbs Research Ltd

Forest Herbs' plants are grown organically at their own farm, called Kaituna, adjacent to the million acre Kahurangi National Park. This is a temperate rainforest wilderness of New Zealand with the only intrusion being a few hiking tracks.

To replicate Horopito's natural growing environment the plants are grown in sheltered clearings in the forest. The Horopito bushes must be at least five years old before they are harvested.

Kolorex Foot and Toe Care Cream
Kolorex® Foot & Toe Care cream offers the natural candida support of the ancient herb horopito in an effective anti-fungal cream for treatment of athlete’s foot and related fungal problems. ..
Price: 10.83
Kolorex Advanced Candida Care 30 Softgels
For Yeast problems, Candidiasis, Candida Infection and Intestinal candida If you suffer from chronic fatigue, thrush, abdominal bloating, depression or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), the root ca..
Price: 18.34