HMD Ultimate Detox Program

Detox Plan, Mercury Detox, Ultimate Detox, HMD DetoxOur Ultimate Detox Program gives you the Ultimate Detox Experience! It has been specifically designed to make your detox as fast and as effective as possible.It is particularly recommended for those with compromised detox organs.

Are you toxic? Most people have an element of toxicity and heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, arsenic, mercury and other toxins are commonly found in most people of all ages. Depending on the total load of the body, eliminating these toxic metals can take time, but most people feel the benefits within the first month with increased energy levels (toxic metals literally “choke” the cells by preventing the mitochondria producing energy), as well as sleeping better and a general feeling of well-being.

This Ultimate Detox Program has been developed by the holistic health expert Dr. Georgiou and his team, so that you can finally live life to the fullest. Dr. Georgiou has been working in the field of heavy metal detoxification for many years and was the Prinicipal Investigator involved in the development of the HMD - Heavy Metal Detox.

Ultimate Detox Program

We recommend the following for a minimum of 90 days. Please note that people with very high levels of toxicity may need to detox a few months longer.

1. HMD Heavy Metal Detox:

This product is the outcome of 3 years of research with 350 people. It has been scientifically proven to eliminate toxic metals such as mercury, lead, arsenic, aluminum, cadmium and even uranium. It is the world’s only 100% natural detox product with peer-reviewed research that has been published in reputed journals. HMD is gentle detoxifier, safe for the entire family and has no side effects.

Dosage: 50 drops 3x day

             Children's dosages by weight:

See the complete Dosage Guidelines. 

2. HMD Lavage:

 This herbal drainage remedy has been specifically formulated to open up your detoxification organs and support your kidneys and liver during detox. It will help your body eliminate metals faster and more efficiently and assist in gently and safely flushing out toxins mobilized by HMD. HMD Lavage is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory as well as a powerful antioxidant specifically developed for ultimate detoxification.

Dosage: 25 drops 3x day

             Children's dosages by weight:

See the complete Dosage Guidelines. 

3. Organic Chlorella:

Chlorella is a ‘superfood’ that is packed with nutrients and vitamins. It has a high quantity of chlorophyll and is perfect for detoxification. Chlorella has many benefits and has been proven to eliminate dioxins as well as metals such as cadmium and mercury. It also lowers body fat percentages, stabilizes the body’s PH balance and reduces the risk of cancer. Our Chlorella is 100% toxin free while other Chlorella products on the market often contain pesticide residues or heavy metals. Chlorella is ideal for supporting your body during the detoxification program and guaranteeing optimum health.

Dosage: 2 tablets 3x day  (depending on availability) or

             2 capsules 2x day 

             Children's dosages by weight:

See the complete Dosage Guidelines. 


Detox with water and an alkaline dietWe all know that drinking sufficient amounts of water is necessary to achieve optimum health. This is even more important during detoxification. While following our Ultimate Detox Program we recommend you drink at least 8-10 large glasses of water or herbal tea a day. HMD mainly eliminates toxins via the urinary tract; drinking plenty of fluids will ensure that your body can effectively flush out all the nasty toxins that are currently stored in your tissue, organs and bones. If you want to further enhance your detox and cleanse your liver we also recommend you limit your alcohol intake.


Detox with fruit and vegetables and the alkaline detox dietYou do not need to follow a special diet during your Ultimate Detox Program, although eating healthily is of course beneficial. However HMD will eliminate metals regardless of your diet, so you don’t need to change your eating habits in order to achieve results.

HMD helps to increase your metabolism and Chlorella is known to decrease body fat percentages and lower blood sugar levels. This makes this detox programme the perfect opportunity to also shed some unwanted pounds.

If you are interested in a full body detox programme that will help you to lose weight the healthy way we recommend our ULTIMATE DETOX DIET.

Who should follow the Ultimate Detox Program?

The short answer is ‘EVERYONE’. The above products guarantee optimal detoxification. While HMD alone is effective at mobilizing toxins, Organic Lavage and Chlorella ensure that these toxins are eliminated efficiently. Many people today have compromised detoxification organs and will benefit greatly from supplementing their detox with Lavage and Chlorella.

While everyone will benefit from the Ultimate Detox Program, it is essential for the following groups of people:

People removing amalgams: Amalgam removal releases high quantities of toxic methyl mercury. It is imperative that you start the Ultimate Detox Program at least 3 months BEFORE sitting in the dentist's chair and continue for 3-6 months AFTER completion of the amalgam removals. This cannot be emphasized enough as Dr. Georgiou has personally seen and treated many people who after amalgam removal developed severe illnesses such as MS, Cancer, severe mitral valve prolapse, neurological disorders and others. Dr. Georgiou also recommends adding 100-300mg Lipoic Acid to your daily detox programme during the amalgam removal process.

Children with Autism or ADHD: Research has shown that these children usually have very compromised detoxification organs as well as an increased tendency to retain mercury in their bodies. Therefore it is paramount that they not only take HMD but also Lavage and Chlorella. See Dosage Guidelines here.

People with neurological diseases of all kind: People with neurological disorders, especially MS, need to follow the Ultimate Detox Program. It is crucial that they eliminate metals as soon as possible in order to prevent further damage to a sensitive nervous system.

Cancer Patients: Cancer patients and ex-cancer patients are highly toxic. It is reasonable to assume that metal toxicity may have played a role in the development of the cancer in the first place. Later they are further being ‘poisoned’ during treatment with chemo and radiation therapy. Thus their bodies are considerably weakened and they will need added support during detox. We further recommend adding Lipoic Acid to their regime.

NB. This detox protocol has not been approved by the medical profession or the FDA. It is based on clinical experience of many practitioners working in the field of detoxification around the world. If you have any questions please consult your holistic health practitioner.