Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend
Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend
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Every cell in our body requires these Essential Fatty Acids to operate at their best.  For optimum health they need to be consumed in enough quantity in our diet and be undamaged by processing or exposure to heat, light or oxygen. Ultimate Oil Blend provides an easy and convenient way of getting enough undamaged Omega 3, 6 and 9 in an ideal ratio. It has a mild nutty taste and easily mixes into food and drink.

Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend is the ultimate source of omega 3, 6 & 9 and the UK's market leading nutritional oil blend, is recommended by one of the UK's most recognised nutritionists, Patrick Holford in his new book - The Holford Diet.

Udo’s Oil for Health:
Our bodies need Essential Fatty Acids Omega 3 and 6 for maintaining optimum heart health, brain function, supple joints and a strong immune system. They are called ‘essential’ because our bodies cannot produce them - they need to be included in our diets. However, with modern day food processing and cooking methods which damage or destroy these delicate Essential Fats, our sources of “healthy”, undamaged Omega Oils are limited.

Udo’s Oil for Beauty:
Including Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil blend in your daily diet is a top beauty tip of many celebrities who use it to keep their skin looking and feeling great. Every cell in our body needs these Essential Fatty Acids to function at their best and this includes our skin, hair and nails. Without them skin can become dry and flaky, hair lifeless and nails brittle. Just mix Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend with food, (never cook with it) and let the Essential Fatty Acids work their magic to bring out your naturally beautiful skin, hair and nails.

Udo’s Oil for Sport:
Whilst Udo’s Oil has long been known for its many general health benefits, it has more recently become popular amongst sports men and women to assist them in reaching their full sporting potential. Good nutrition plays a key role in any sport and this entails feeding the body with fibrous carbohydrates, a good range of protein sources and Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs).

EFAs for the Sporting Edge:
Found in seeds, nuts and other wholefoods, EFAs Omega 3 and 6 have been shown to help maintain strong athletic performance by improving your body’s core energy levels, endurance and recovery. As our body cannot produce EFAs, we need to include them in our daily meals.

Udo’s Choice Oil Blend is a blend of organic seed oils that provide these EFAs, our body needs in the ideal ratio of 2:1. Mixed in with foods or a protein shake, Udo’s Oil is a convenient and delicious way of getting your Omega Oils.


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