StrongStart® for Women
StrongStart® for Women
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For women who are trying for a baby and during pregnancy
The principle of using dietary supplements before conception is established by the DoH recommendation that all women trying to conceive should take a folic acid supplement. This in effect recognises the risk of dietary deficiency in the general public and the advice is supported by the fact that the folic acid intake is below the RNI for most women. Indeed many other micronutrients are also below the RNI which is why many nutritionists recommend a comprehensive multinutrient product to provide a broad spread of micronutrients.

StrongStart® for Women supplies all of the important micronutients at levels that are higher than most typical ‘high street’ products but still safe for use before and during pregnancy as well as when breastfeeding. The Programme consists of one multinutrient tablet per day plus one Omega 3 capsule, the latter of which provides a higher level of omega 3 essential fatty acids than most other fish oil products available.

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