Antioxidant Complex
Antioxidant Complex
Brand: BioCare
Product Code: BC74830

Price: £22.75


To help ensure daily intake of valuable antioxidants
A combination of potent phytonutrients to help ensure daily intake of valuable antioxidants. It includes quercetin, lycopene, lutein, turmeric, grapeseed and green tea extracts and is an excellent adjunct to a multivitamin and mineral formulation.

  • Quercetin helps support the body’s ability to quench free radicals
  • Turmeric is a popular spice used in foods and contains potent polyphenols including curcumin which may play a part in maintaining cellular health
  • Lycopene has the highest antioxidant action of the carotenoids, and may support the eyes and prostate
  • Lutein plays a supportive role in lung tissue, the retina and the gut mucosa
  • Grapeseed extract is well known for its antioxidant action
  • Green Tea contains polyphenols which are potent natural antioxidant compounds
  • Formulated by the Penny Brohn Cancer Care (formerly Bristol Cancer Help Centre)


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