By providing the body with botanical adaptogens to help maintain oxygen uptake in the blood, the effects of Menergy can build over time to produce a body better able to store and release energy and cope with short-term tiredness that plagues modern male lifestyles. The raw food sources allow the essential nutrients to be more easily and efficiently absorbed by the body and provides an optimum energy formula to help:

Fatigue and general tiredness
Menergy combines natural and highly absorbable ingredients to help to maintain the body’s natural balance during times of temporary tiredness and enhance sexual alertness. Gentle at first the effects build over time to produce a body better able to maintain and release energy.

Concentration and mental clarity
The combination of Brazillian Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba help to maintain the body’s uptake of oxygen within the blood and feed the major organs including the brain.

Stamina & Energy
A natural and effective formulation which includes chromium, a shortage of which may also lead to premature fatigue.

Oxygen availability is essential when you start to feel the effects of tiredness. Take a deep breath now and see what effect it has on your posture and mental clarity. By helping to maintain blood flow around the body this potent formulation helps speed oxygen supply to all the major organs, including the brain. The brain uses 20% of all the oxygen in the body! This provides the mental clarity you need to break the tiredness cycle.

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