High Antioxidant Green Tea
High Antioxidant Green Tea
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High Antioxidant Green Tea is selected for its high level of catechins, the major antioxidants in green tea; which may protect against premature ageing. It has a refreshing flavour and helps sustain energy with a mild 0.8% caffeine. It contains eight catechins in all, and especially high levels of EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), the most important green tea antioxidant. This High Antioxidant Green Tea comes in convenient granules that dissolve instantly in hot water for a refreshing drink, anywhere, anytime. 1g provides a guaranteed minimum 2.5% (25mg) Green tea catechins. Contains lactose.

Regular cups of Green tea are known to increase metabolic rate and maintain cardiovascular health and healthy cognitive function. Also naturally contains theanine to promote inner calm.

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