NEW Elevate Energy™

Nature’s 3 Top Fatigue Fighters in 1 Revolutionary Formula

Feeling drained by life? Tired of dragging your way through every day? You need a real, lasting solution to your personal energy crisis!

New Elevate Energy™ brings together three incredible super-nutrients in one revolutionary formula that finally gives you a safe, natural way to enjoy a HUGE physical and mental energy lift.

Just one capsule each day delivers advanced forms and exact research doses of Mother Nature’s most extraordinary energizers for:

  • Fantastic energy, vigor, and stamina
  • Heightened mental clarity and laser-sharp focus
  • Better recall and faster reaction time
  • Stronger short-term memory
  • Balanced mood and refreshing sense of calm
  • Greater productivity so you can get it ALL done!


“Join me and enjoy your life with zest, clarity and joy!”

I wasn’t always the tennis-playing, health-obsessed, nutrition guru I am today. At one point in my life, I was a hot mess—partying late into the late, eating nothing but junk, never exercising. Thanks to some good, caring people, I came out of that hazy phase and into a regimen of daily exercise and healthier eating.

I started feeling such an incredible difference in my energy level, mood and overall health, that I suddenly couldn’t get my hands on enough information about nutrition. And my passion turned into a profession!

“I know firsthand how Nature’s greatest nutrients can energize you, motivate you and turn your life around! That’s what NEW ELEVATE Energy™ can do for you and why I LOVE IT!”

Wake up your brain to think faster and sharper…in just 1 hour!

The first super energizer in NEW ELEVATE Energy™ is American ginseng. This astonishing herb is indigenous to the eastern United States and was revered by Native Americans for its ability to ease a variety of health complaints. While many of these health benefits remain unstudied, American ginseng has been shown in research to work wonders on brain power and memory.

NEW ELEVATE Energy™ uses an exclusive, patented form of American ginseng called Cereboost® because of its impressive research pedigree.

Gold Standard Research Results:

In randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials (the gold standard in scientific research), study participants took 200 mg of Cereboost® and then were tested at 1 hour, 3 hours and 6 hours on multiple measures of brain function. Results showed significant improvements in number recall, written word recall, hearing word recall, choice reaction time, as well as cognitive speed and accuracy.

That means that Cereboost® can help you…

…starting in just 1 hour! And you get the same, full research dose in NEW ELEVATE Energy™

    • Remember and quickly react to things you see and hear around you…
    • Finish daily tasks with speed and accuracy…
    • Recall names, faces and numbers with ease!

Award-Winning Ingredient

Cereboost® won the coveted Best New Ingredient NutrAward in 2010!

Stay calm, cool, collected and ready for anything

In order to gain and maintain true, lasting energy, you don’t need the jitters or the unrest that can come with many so-called “energy” drinks or supplements. Instead, you need calm, clear focus that can help you successfully complete little tasks and big jobs you face every day. And that’s exactly what the second super-energizing nutrient in NEW ELEVATE Energy™ does for you.

Buck the “Energy Beverage” Trend

NEW ELEVATE Energy™ is nothing like those trendy, sugar-loaded, additive-laced “energy beverages” that are so common these days. The critical difference is that the super-star trio of nutrients in ELEVATE Energy™ won’t jack you up with a flash-in-the-pan buzz that makes you feel edgy and irritable…only to disappear quickly, leaving you feeling more dog-tired than ever before and causing havoc with your natural sleep cycles.

In fact, the formula’s outstanding natural boosters work double time to safely increase your physical AND mental energy. You’ll thrive with improved physical stamina, heightened mental clarity, and laser-sharp focus!

This powerful ingredient is the Ashwagandha, which has a 5,000 year-long history of traditional use in Indian Ayurvedic medicine. Ashwagandha is an adaptogen herb, which means the plant contains balancing constituents that allow it to thrive in drastically different environments.

Ashwagandha—an adaptogen herb

This inherent ability to “go with the flow” and adapt to different conditions translates to Ashwagandha’s actions in your body. Most notable is the herb’s ability to help calm you during times of heightened stress. Ashwagandha does this by moderating the amount of cortisol circulating in your body.

Cortisol is the primary hormone that drives your body’s “flight or fight” response during times of stress. Unfortunately, today’s onslaught of stressors means an overload of cortisol bombarding your body day in and day out. This, in turn, can lead to fatigue, poor memory and concentration, feelings of anxiousness, and even weight gain…all of which are monumental energy drainers.

NEW ELEVATE Energy™ uses the patented Ashwagandha extract called Sensoril®, which comes with impressive research backing.

Gold Standard Research Results:

In one human, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial that lasted 2 years and was published in the Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association (JANA) found that Sensoril reduced fatigue by 79%, reduced anxiety by 75% and improved focus by 76%...all within just 3 days!

Better yet, Sensoril® was found to work even better over time! The longer you take it, the more it balances your mood, clears you mind, eases worry, improves memory and simply WAKES YOU UP in all the best ways!

And, rest assured, you get the full 85 mg research dose in NEW ELEVATE Energy™!

This energy “renegade” is really good for you!

The third super energizing nutrient in NEW ELEVATE Energy™ is caffeine, which—contrary to urban legend—is really GOOD for you. In fact, the safe, natural caffeine in NEW ELEVATE Energy™ provides fast energy as well as astonishing attention and focus benefits.

When you get your caffeine from a natural source in supplement form, like you do in NEW ELEVATE Energy™, you get instant energy and MORE! A great deal of research shows that caffeine improves your reaction time, your ability to focus and even your listening skills.

A study conducted by researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) showed a 24% increase in auditory vigilance. That means the study participants who were given caffeine listened and reacted 24% better than the placebo group.

And the same clinical study results showed a 36% increase in visual reaction time. It means your eyes and brain are working together better and faster, allowing you to be more present each day and simply get more done, faster. All while feeling energized and positive!

Clearing Up the Caffeine Confusion

It’s the unhealthy additives—like sugar, cream and artificial flavorings—that show up in a typical cup of Joe or are loaded into every can of soda that have given caffeine its unjust bad rap. And if you get jitters from caffeine, you’re getting far too much of it.

To get an idea of typical caffeine intake from coffee, an 8-ounce cup of coffee packs 94 mg of caffeine. And 8 ounces is smaller than the “small” at most coffee chains and smaller than an average mug in your kitchen cabinet.

All you need to WAKE UP and feel energized is a mere 60 mg of caffeine—the exact amount in NEW ELEVATE Energy™

Restore your youthful “Get Up and Go” today and every day!

No matter why you’re feeling washed out, sluggish, and burned-out…you can END the brain and body drain today!

NEW ELEVATE Energy™ gives you a safe, natural HEALTHY way to bring remarkable physical and mental energy back into your life. And unlike many energy products on the market that offer only a quick fix (followed by a staggering slump), the energizing benefits of this advanced formula grow over time!

It’s the ONLY energy solution that quickly revs up your body and mind PLUS nourishes you for the long haul to restore your youthful “Get Up and Go”!

We Love ELEVATE Energy™ So Much, We Wanted ALL of Our Employees to Try It for FREE! Here’s what a few had to say…

“I decided to try ELEVATE Energy because I have a busy school schedule and I could use some extra energy. I noticed within one hour of taking ELEVATE that I felt more alert, energized and ready to tackle my next project right away. I also noticed that ELEVATE did not make me feel jittery like energy drinks sometimes do.”

~John H.

“In the two weeks I have been taking ELEVATE Energy what I have noticed most is that I am more focused in my activities and in a better mood. My energy level and sexual desire also have improved slightly. Bottom line, IT WORKS!”

~Daniel C.

“Within 30 minutes of taking ELEVATE Energy, I noticed a difference. I had more energy and didn’t feel as tired as before. My body felt more alive, which allowed my mind not to be so tired. In just the first week of taking it, I was able to get through my day more easily.”

~Susan B.

“I have been taking ELEVATE Energy for about two months. I take one capsule in the morning and one in the early afternoon. I hoped the product would allow me to cut back on my coffee consumption and provide me a more even, sustained level of energy. I didn’t think I felt any difference until I reflected back on the day and realized that I went through my entire day without feeling drowsy, as I always did previously.”

~George D.

"I had taken Elevate Energy a few times and noticed that my afternoon slump never got quite so low. The biggest benefit I noticed was mental—my mind felt more awake and I felt like I was thinking with more clarity and focus. It was great! But the really big ‘WOW’ for me was one particular day when I was EXHAUSTED. I had gotten very little sleep the night before—tossed and turned and tried to read myself to sleep until sometime around 2am. All the time knowing that alarm was going to start screaming at 6:15 am and I would have to rally and get my middle school children up, ready, fed and out the door in time. A harrowing task on a full night’s sleep! So I woke up, stumbled through my morning and somehow made it into work. I was DRAGGING. Couldn’t think straight and could barely keep my head up and eyes focused. Then I remembered that I hadn’t taken an Elevate Energy yet, so I grabbed my water bottle and took one capsule. Within about 30 minutes, I felt so much better! Though still not my completely rested self, I was much more alert and could keep my head up and eyes open without effort! I went from going home sick to getting a million things done and actively participating in important meetings. It really got me through that unusually tough day and I’m never going to forget to take it again!"

~Jennifer P.

"The first thing I noticed about ELEVATE Energy—in the very first day I took it—was that I was more alert, and I had more energy. I noticed that I did not have my typical late-afternoon sluggish feeling. I was awake and alert at what is usually the most tiring part of the day for me. I also noticed an elevation in my mood.”

~Abbe P.


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