Choline 250mg & Inositol 250mg
Choline 250mg & Inositol 250mg
Brand: Archturus
Product Code: ARC-H0768V

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Choline and Inositol belong to a group of substances called phospholids. With its lipotropic action, choline supports the liver in the metabolism of fats, thereby enhancing liver function. At cellular level, it preserves the flexibility and integrity of cell membranes. Inositol is required for the proper functioning of the nervous system and muscle function.

Both Choline and Inositol are involved in the manufacture of neurotransmitters. They are also involved in many brain processes, especially the memory. Many people report increased mental clarity through the use of choline and inositol and medical research studies have found these nutrients to be beneficial in cases of depression and panic attacks.

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